We recommend you use cotton wool or Q-tips to apply the Acne Healing Extract directly onto acne, pimples and spots. The Acne Healing Extract is not a tonic to wash the whole face with, it should only be used directly on blemishes. We recommend you apply it three to six times per day and to shake it before use. You should apply the extract before you use the Facial Glow moisturiser in the morning. It only needs a few seconds to dry and should be left on the blemish (not washed off) before applying the Facial Glow. It is important to use the Acne Healing Extract consistently every day for a period of time. You can expect to see results after 1-3 weeks of consistent use. It doesn’t work for everyone, but we have seen thousands of results during the 10 year period that is has been a bestseller in Iceland.