Would you like to know how to heal dry winter skin? Keeping your skin healthy in winter can be a challenge: the cold, dry air and merciless winds wreak havoc on your skin and leave you with peeling skin, itching and discomfort. This goes for your hands, feet and other areas that are exposed too. You aren‘t even safe inside your own home because the indoor heat removes moisture from the air. But, believe it or not, there are solutions to this problem so you can enjoy outdoor activities and sit by the fireplace without having to worry about your skin drying out. Here are 5 tips to prevent and deal with dry skin in winter.

Eat Well and Hydrate Yourself

Eating nutritious food is important in all aspects of health, but its importance for skin health is often overlooked. For example, foods or supplements that contain omega-3 fatty acids can help dry skin. I recommend wild salmon, flax seeds, fish oil or walnuts. Sadly, you can‘t just drink a lot of water and magically get rid of dry skin, but water does help your body function normally and help maintain balance. Not drinking enough water can make your skin more susceptible to drying out. I always recommend herbal teas to stay hydrated, and because drinking hot beverages in winter is cozy.

My Daily Herbal Tea

1 tbsp Holy Basil

2 tbsp Peppermint

1 tbsp Yarrow

Put the herbs into a teapot and fill it with boiling water. Strain the tea into cups but leave the herbs to steep in the teapot all day long. Drink 3-4 cups per day.


Modify Your Skincare Routine

Everyone needs to moisturize, especially in winter, and if you spend a lot of time outdoors it‘s even more important. The key is keeping things simple because in winter your skin can be more sensitive to certain ingredients. Consider skipping unnecessary products such as toners, rough exfoliating scrubs and face masks to give your skin a break. Look for fragrance-free products and make sure to moisturize right after you step out of the shower to lock in the moisture. If your skin itches, make sure not to scratch it, use a cold compress or a soothing moisturizer instead.

I recommend the Age-Defying Value Set if you‘re in need of a non-toxic moisturizer. It contains a powerful duo of creams, both of which provide deeply nourishing hydration for your skin. It‘s perfect for winter skin!

If you have extremely dry skin, I recommend the Ultra Hydration Value Set. It is designed to repair dry skin and reduce itching. It neutralizes environmental damage and is easily absorbed so it provides a perfect base for make-up.

If you have eczema or psoriasis I recommend the Ultimate Healing Value Set for you. It’s an intensive healing treatment for repairing dry skin, itching, eczema, psoriasis and inflammations. This Value Set is for the whole body, not just the face.

  • It contains the Bliss Healing Balm, which you can use as a lip balm as well. I‘ve used the Bliss Healing Balm for eczema around the mouth in children with great results.
  • Excessive lip licking, along with dry air and sun that reflects on the snow can dry out your lips. The solution is to stop licking them and protecting them from environmental damage by using a good lip balm, for example, the Bliss Healing Balm.

I‘ve received reviews for the Bliss Healing Balm saying that it‘s good for healing dry patches and that it‘s good for hiking as it‘s amazing for blisters and scratches. One happy customer who happens to be a runner uses the Bliss Healing Balm to heal dry patches that form on his cheeks because of the hot sun or cold wind.

You can take a look at the reviews here.

Wear Nonirritating Clothing

Certain materials, especially cold-weather fabrics, can irritate dry winter skin. A good solution is to wear breathable materials as the innermost layer and then layer wool and more rough materials on top of that. This way, your skin doesn‘t come into contact with fabrics that aggravate it. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should change out of wet clothes quickly because wearing wet clothes can irritate your skin and cause itching.

Don‘t Forget Your Hands

While most of us usually focus on the skin on our face, the hands are also at risk in the winter months. They can easily become dry and sore with the cold and wind, and with frequent washing. Use gloves when outside and use good hand cream to heal the skin barrier. I’m of course going to recommend the Pure Hand Care moisturizer that I make myself by hand. It is especially good for dry and cracked hands as it will soften and give long-lasting hydration. If your hands are extremely dry you can lather on a rich amount of the Pure Hand Care and wear cotton gloves on top before going to sleep to absorb as much of the moisturizer as you can.

Look After Your Mental Health

It might sound weird, but your stress levels can affect your skin. Stress makes the skin more sensitive and reactive and increases inflammation in the body. Common skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, itching and dry skin can be made worse by stress. This can create a terrible cycle of stress exacerbating skin problems, and the skin problems causing you more stress. The solution? Find out which stress reduction methods work for you. I recommend meditating (here is a FREE course on mindfulness I love), exercising, doing something nice for yourself and learning to say no.

About the Author

Anna Rósa is a medical herbalist and author of the bestselling book Icelandic Herbs and Their Medicinal Uses. She’s the CEO and founder of Anna Rósa Skincare and a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists in UK. It’s the oldest herbalist institute in the world, founded in 1894.

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Anna Rósa CEO and Founder of Anna Rósa Skincare