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Arctic Thyme

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Downy Birch

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We use wild Icelandic herbs and the highest quality natural and organic ingredients. Anna Rósa personally hand-picks the medicinal herbs in the pure pristine wilderness of Iceland. We don‘t use herbs just to be „natural“ or „green“, we use them because we know they give the best result. Anna Rósa has over 30 years of experience working as a medical herbalist and during that time she has has really seen plants being effective over and over again. We also carefully choose highest quality natural, organic oils and butters from conscious growers around the world. We use few ingredients in our Skincare Colletcion but there is also a long list of common cosmetic ingredients that we don‘t use and never will use. Learn about which ten toxic ingredients to avoid in skincare products.


There is an increasing awareness on the part of conscious consumers about the importance of knowing about the sources of the herbal cosmetics they buy, where the herbs used come from and how buying that herbal product will impact environmental sustainability. In the case of Anna Rósa Skincare it could not be more simple since Anna Rósa hand-picks personally all the Icelandic herbs she uses.

She picks in the pristine pure wilderness of the Icelandic nature were the herbs are especially potent. She travels alone around Iceland during the summer to wildcraft and considers this to be the best way to spent her summer holiday each year. The season to wildcraft is very short in Iceland and the weather is very unpredictable, it is for example not possible to wildcraft when it is raining. Farmers around the country very kindly allow Anna Rósa to wildcraft on their land year after year. Anna Rósa carefully harvests only part of the herbs in each place which allows her to come again and again to same places. This is sustainability working at its best.