Arctic Thyme

Downy Birch

We use wild Icelandic herbs, handpicked by Anna Rósa in the pristine wilderness. We source the highest quality natural and organic ingredients and carefully choose the highest-grade organic oils and butters from conscious growers around the world. We use a few, well-selected ingredients in our Skincare Collection, avoiding many common cosmetic ingredients that we will never use. These are the  ten toxic ingredients we feel you should avoid in skincare products.


There is an increasing awareness about the importance of knowing and understanding where ingredients come from, how they are grown/produced, and how buying a herbal product will impact on environmental sustainability. With Anna Rósa Skincare it couldn’t be simpler. Anna Rósa personally handpicks all the Icelandic herbs she uses to ensure optimal potency and sustainability.

Anna Rósa has, over the years, built up relationships with landowners around Iceland, and they very kindly allow her to roam and wildcraft on their land year after year, as they know Anna Rósa carefully harvests only what she needs, ensuring balance and sustainability for future generations. Anna travels alone around Iceland during the summer to wildcraft and considers this to be the best way to spend her summer holidays. The season to wildcraft is very short in Iceland, lasting around 12 weeks, and with weather that can be very unpredictable, this can shorten the time even more.