We like to make our skincare in small batches. It is a bit like cooking, you get the best result when you cook for a few friends rather than a large crowd. It also means that our products are always as fresh as possible which is immensely important since that will give your skin the highest benefits. For us, high quality handmade small batches of skincare is much more important than making large quantities. We are well aware of the economical advantage of mass production, but we simply like to do things our way since it make us happy.


We don’t let anyone else make our products, it all happens in our Reykjavik Studio. For us that is important because that way we can be absolutely sure of the quality. It is not only what goes into the jars and bottles, it is also how and where it is done.


Anna Rósa loves creating her own recipes from scratch in our Reykjavik Studio. She has been formulating skincare products and herbal medicine for over 30 years now and never gets tired of it. She personally makes all our skincare collection by hand. She especially likes this part of the process and finds it very fulfilling.


This is the part that Anna Rósa is happy to have help with since there are limits to what she can do herself. She is very lucky to have her very dedicated son and his girlfriend to fill and label each container with great care. You can read here how we keep our packaging as sustainable as possible.