Sensitive and dry skin can be challenging. There can be redness, tightness, itching and simply feeling uncomfortable. As our creams are made from wild harvested herbs and natural ingredients such as organic shea and cocoa butter, your sensitive/dry skin won’t be fighting irritating chemicals or perfumes. Instead it will be soothed and deeply moisturised.

Facial Glow, is our lightweight moisturiser and is excellent for combination skin that has both oily and dry patches. Divine Radiance is our age-defying cream which deeply hydrates dry skin and does exactly as it says, provides divine relief.

If your skin is very dry then we recommend using the Divine Healing Cream which can be used for both face and body. A great combination for very dry skin would be to use the Divine Radiance in the morning, then the Divine Healing Cream during the day as needed, and also before going to sleep for some extra night-time nourishing.

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