If you have normal skin, then you are one of the lucky ones, but it is still a good idea to use a moisturiser for daily hydration and to protect your skin from environmental damage. Our Facial Glow is a balancing lightweight moisturiser, perfect for daily use and very popular amongst the younger generation although people of all ages are using it. We suggest using it as a morning cream.

Divine Radiance is our age-defying moisturiser created for mature skin and is perfect for daily use, we suggest using it either as a morning or evening cream or both. We also know of many who use both moisturisers, applying the Facial Glow in the morning and the Divine Radiance as an evening/night cream.

Age-Defying Value Set is our special package for normal/dry skin, containing both moisturisers at a specially reduced price. Looking for that extra something? For daily maintenance of hands, feet and body, we highly recommend the Full Body Value Set which has the perfect creams for the entire body.

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