Bliss Healing Balm is the mother of all balms and has you covered during pregnancy and beyond. Contains only Vitamin E as a preservative and no chemicals so it‘s perfectly safe during pregnancy and for newborns.

This healing balm is an all-purpose ointment that provides relief from the following skin concerns: stretch marks, thrush, sore and cracked nipples, diaper rash, dry skin and children’s eczema.

For stretch marks, we recommend applying the balm mornings and evenings. For vaginal thrush, apply liberally several times a day, or as needed. Sore and cracked nipples – use before and after each feed. For diaper rash and babies’ dry skin, apply as needed.

For an extra dose of love for the expectant mother, (or the exhausted new mother) the Divine Healing Cream is wonderfully hydrating for dry skin and is an excellent all-over body cream. We have created the Ultimate Healing Value Set which includes both the Bliss Healing Balm and the Divine Healing Cream.

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