Based on your answers, we recommend avoiding the following foods and drinks. Anna Rósa has treated facial redness (rosacea) extensively in her clinic and has often seen that avoiding the following will reduce redness:

  • Hot drinks, especially coffee, black tea, and hot chocolate
  • Alcohol, energy drinks, and soda
  • Hot and spicy food
  • Chocolate (including dark chocolate)
  • Dairy products
  • Candy, cakes, and biscuits

It’s also very important to avoid cosmetics, hair products, soaps, and moisturizers that contain toxic ingredients because they can easily irritate red and sensitive skin. Anna Rósa recommends the following skincare routine if you have redness or rosacea: Apply Divine Radiance in the morning to calm and soothe the redness. Apply the Divine Healing Cream additionally during the day for an extra cooling effect when needed. If you have breakouts, use the Acne Healing Extract 3-6 times daily on spots only. These three products are in the Rosacea Relief Value Set.

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We recommend the Rosacea Relief Value Set for you. It reduces redness and rosacea with wild Icelandic herbs while also banishing acne.

We make clean skincare products with wild Icelandic herbs, organic ingredients, and sustainable packaging. They are not only healthy for us, but also for the planet we love. We do everything by hand. Lovingly.