I believe in giving back and empowering others. I also believe in following your heart and doing what you love. Several years ago I came across the extraordinary beautiful photos of refugees by Muhammed Muheisen, the founder of Everyday Refugees Foundation. I started following him on social media and little by little I became more aware of the refugee situation. This was a different approach than in the regular media. This was one person speaking from his heart with his photos.

And the idea was born to create a Skincare Collection specifically for exporting. The sole aim of my Skincare Collection is to generate revenues for organizations empowering refugees and displaced women. If he can do it and I can do it, you too can make a difference. You will support the Everyday Refugees Foundation when you buy any product in my Skincare Collection.

Everyday Refugees Foundation

„Everyday Refugees Foundation aims to document, help, educate and empower refugees and internally displaced people by war, poverty, discrimination and natural disasters.“