This turmeric drink has been my favorite for a long time because it has such a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect. I‘ve recommended it to my patients for many years because turmeric (Curcuma longa) has unusually versatile health benefits and no spice has been as popular to research.

Turmeric drink and turmeric paste

Turmeric is a Cure-All

Turmeric contains the active ingredient curcumin which has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect and provides various health benefits. I‘ve used turmeric to reduce inflammation and joint pain and for digestive diseases. Turmeric is also good for mental health as it stimulates the production of a brain hormone that promotes the growth of new neurons and reduces brain degeneration. This makes turmeric effective for anxiety, depression and Alzheimer‘s disease. Research has also shown that curcumin has a powerful antioxidant effect and inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Click this to learn more about the medicinal powers of turmeric.

turmeric paste - ingredients

My Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Drink

This recipe is divided into two parts: first you make a turmeric paste and then you use it to make the turmeric drink. However, my patients have mentioned to me that the paste can be used in all sorts of cooking. You can add a teaspoon of it into salad dressings or eat it with fish or meat. Let your imagination run wild!

turmeric paste - ingredients

Turmeric paste

· 1 dl (45 g/ 1/2 cup) organic turmeric powder

· 1 tsp ground black pepper

· 1 tsp ceylon cinnamon powder

· ½ tsp ground ginger

· 2 dl (1 cup) water

Mix the spices together and add them to a saucepan with water. Boil without the lid on until a thick pastes forms. After it has cooled down, add to a glass jar and

refrigerate. It can be stored for 1-2 months in a refrigerator. This paste can then be used to make turmeric milk as needed.

Turmeric drink and turmeric paste

Turmeric milk

· 1-2 tsp turmeric paste

· 1 tsp organic extra virgin olive oil

· 2 dl (1 cup) oat milk, rice milk or almond milk

· 1 tsp honey, maple syrup or stevia to taste

Add all the ingredients to a blender and blend until frothy. Drink 1-2 glasses per day.

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Anna Rósa is a medical herbalist and author of the bestselling book Icelandic Herbs and Their Medicinal Uses. She’s the CEO and founder of Anna Rósa Skincare and a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists in UK. It’s the oldest herbalist institute in the world, founded in 1894.

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